Lines is a 80-page art & coloring book for adults & youths, created from the hand-made drawings of artist Stefan Große Halbuer. Immerse yourself in a world of detailed illustrations, ranging from architecture to science fiction. Relax, relieve stress and enjoy bringing the lines to life using traditional or digital tools, and learn about Stefan's way of building intricate color palettes through the guides included in the book.

Lines is a project I wanted to bring to life for several years. It includes the essence of my passion for making art, gives others the opportunity to take part in my visual world, and offers insights into my style and creative process. With your support, I'd love to now finally see it become reality!
I didn't want to "just" make an art book with my work printed nicely. I aimed for more interaction, so readers could really experience the way I work out my compositions. And I wanted to give fellow artists guides and input to improve their coloring skills. That's why Lines is a book that shows my art, but also gives you something fun to do, and teaches my way of coloring through tutorials.

These guides are divided into three chapters: Understanding the basic terms of coloring, building up your own palettes from scratch, and tips how to daily improve and develop your unique way of coloring.
Support the Kickstarter Campaign here and get your digital or physical book edition - it's already over 700% funded! Thanks for stopping by! 💜

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