electric bazaar is a collection of three wild vending machines, born out of a love for isometric art, intricate details and all things weird and wonderful. 💜​​​​​​​
Welcome to the Trip Machine, awaiting you with a vast array of mind-altering substances. We got it all, from Anti-FUD to Copium. Pick your poison, or try your luck - but choose your trip wisely: The depths of the Trip Machine are not for the faint of heart!
Join the world of digital currencies at the Krypto Kiosk! We have the most cutting-edge tech, perfect for catching the next dip. So bulk up and use your funds to invest in those juicy JPEGs all the influencers tell you about. Get rich quick and easy - Invest Now! (nfa)
Step right up and try your luck at the Loot Box! Jam-packed with rare items and one-of-a-kind special surprises, it's the collector's dream come true. Who will be the lucky ones beating the Box? Come play and find out!
electric bazaar digital collectibles are available on Nifty Gateway.

If you'd like a deeper look into the project, my Patreon is very much recommended. You'll get open high-res PSD files, tutorials and more!
⚡ Thanks for watching! 💜

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