Curious Cabins is a collection of isometric houses, hand drawn by Stefan Große Halbuer. The Cabins artworks base on a fascination for whimsical architecture as well as isometric illustration. This interest originates in playing various strategic video games in the 90s and 2000s and today results in the creation of the Curious Cabins collection - Stefan's largest isometric art project so far.

All Curious Cabins are available as 1/1 NFTs, minted on a custom Manifold smart contract. Maximum supply of Cabins will be 69, separated into different drops. Follow on Twitter for latest news and updates on the project!
No. 1 - Mural
No. 2 - Greenhouse
No. 3 - Pool
No. 4 - Aqueduct
No. 5 - Noodles
No. 6 - Observatory
No. 7 - Orca
No. 8 - Sunrise
No. 9 - Moon
No. 10 - Pond

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